Home Insulation And Weather Sealing

    Man Installing Insulation

    Homeowners often forget the impact insulation can have on monthly utility bills. Learning why quality insulation is essential to any home can help you find new ways to save money.


    • Loose-Fill Insulation Products and Benefits: Loose-fill insulation fills open areas, like attics or other closed spaces in your home. Typically, this kind of insulation is made from fiberglass, rock wool, or slag wool. This insulation is measured in R-Values, which indicate both thickness and blockage of warmth flowing out of your home. R-Values can also be used to calculate later additions to your home insulation. For example, adding a sheet of R-15 product to previously installed R-11 insulation will provide protection similar to a sheet measuring R-26.


    Compressing insulation will compromise its ability to prevent heat loss. Insulation with facing limits slippage in cold weather caused by condensation in closed-off spaces. Employing insulation in open flow areas of your home is essential to preventing a large amount of heat loss during the winter.


    • Sealing Leaks and Ducts: According to Energy Star resources, combining weather sealing with proper insulation can reduce energy consumption costs by 20%. Air leaks and drafts are your enemy in summer and winter. This is especially true of homes where high heat and AC bills can make summer a nightmare. Caulk and weather stripping are great places to start checking for leaks and blocking off drafts.


    Additional air leaks and drafts can plague your ducts. Exposed ducts are less difficult to insulate, but call a professional for ducts obstructed by walls. When hiring a professional to replace a door or window, make sure your installation team follows the proper procedure to ensure everything is completely sealed.


    Proper sealing and installation will ensure your home remains energy-efficient and comfortable. Fairfax residents choose Ameritech Construction Corporation for the most energy-efficient replacement doors and windows. We also specialize in home insulation. Visit us online to learn about our exciting seasonal offers or call at (703) 348-3024.

    What Are uPVC Doors And Why Are They An Ideal Exterior Door?

    Mixed Texture House With Cedar Shake, Vinyl Siding, Brick, Wood

    Harsh weather can ruin the look of an exterior door. When searching for a replacement, consider how a uPVC unit could be the door of your dreams.


    • What is uPVC? Polyvinyl chloride, more commonly known as PVC, is a cheap, vinyl polymer used in construction and home improvement. The material is thermoplastic, which means its form can be manipulated with extreme temperature. The material’s unplasticized form is known as uPVC. In this state, the polymer is significantly more rigid and durable. This durability is partially why uPVC has widely replaced the use of metal for building waste pipes, drainpipes, gutters, and downspouts.


    • Why Does uPVC Make a Great Exterior Door? uPVC doors use an extremely affordable material and offer easy installation. uPVC doors are also extremely effective in insulating against both cold and warm weather. For example, French doors with uPVC installations offer homeowners the best of both worlds: energy efficiency and impressive natural sunlight. Likewise, vinyl doors are immune to debilitating weather conditions that cause traditional doors to shrink, warp, or rust. Maintenance on uPVC doors is also very minimal. No wood in your exterior door means no need to varnish or add coats of paint.


    • What Are My Options with uPVC? One of the greatest advantages of using uPVC is the wide range of customizable options. Use a photo-realistic wood finish to match the doorframe. Alternatively, uPVC construction offers homeowners a near limitless list of color options. Hire Ameritech Construction Corporation to coordinate both the purchase of uPVC doors and the door installation process.


    Improve the energy-efficiency and curb appeal of your Fairfax home with a colorful uPVC door from Ameritech Construction Corporation. We specialize in door and window replacement and installation. We can also assist you with construction of the highest quality sunroom or screen room. For more information, browse our website or call us at (703) 348-3024. 


    Useful Tips: How To Install Window Locks

    Your windows serve many purposes. They offer beautiful views and let natural sunlight into your home. However, large windows may pose a security risk. This video helps homeowners minimize the risk of break-ins and burglaries.

    Installing window locks can increase security, protect your belongings, and offer peace of mind. This video’s easy-to-read list details the tools a homeowner will need. Visual step-by-step instructions also cover installation from lock choice to completion.

    Keeping your windows sealed from the elements is important too. Lost heat or cold from window drafts greatly increases utility costs. For a secure and energy-efficient window replacement, call the experts at Ameritech Construction Company by dialing (703) 348-3024.


    Popular Replacement Window Styles To Improve Your Home's Look From The Outside


    Don’t look at a broken window as a money-wasting accident. Instead, see an opportunity to raise the value of your home by installing one of these popular window styles.


    • Awning Windows: The practical benefits of awning windows lie in their design. These windows feature hinges oriented the top of the frame and always swing upward. Awning windowsoffer superb ventilation and look great from both inside and outside the home. Awning windows also allow you to keep windows open during rain and stormy weather.


    • Double-Hung Windows: To complete an eastern architectural look or add a touch of Americana flare to your home, double-hung windows are a great choice. Sliding vertical sashes allow you to open up the window halfway or only marginally. Tilt-in sashes make it easier than ever to keep these classic windows clean and attractive.


    • Bay Windows: These stylish installations are made up of three or more individual window units. These units project from the wall at 30 to 90-degree angles, connected by a center window panel. The side units usually feature a single or double-hung operable window. Details like window arrangement and style can be further customized with the help of a professional window team. Bay windows offer your exterior an eye-catching alcove and add natural sunlight to your interior. 


    • Patio Windows: The patio door can offer breathtaking views from indoors and an elegant glass expanse to your home’s exterior. A wide variety of windowed doors can improve internal room temperature, visibility, and your home’s resale value. These doors can also be installed with weather stripping and security locks to maximize their effectiveness as exterior doors.


    Make your replacement window stronger and more energy-efficient. Work with a window installation company with a wide range of material and glass options. For more information on quality door and window installation in Fairfax or Falls Church, call Ameritech Construction Corporation at (703) 348-3024. To learn about our many services and specialties, visit our website.